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Every Body Knows

Injury, and healing from it has been a large component of my life. Over time, I've gotten curious and leaned into pain and the healing process. For over a decade I've been living with chronic pain. It's taken me a very long time to come to terms with this sensitivity and choosing a mindset that this is a gift. My body has been trying to communicate with me since day one, in fact all our bodies do. This is where our soul is housed and it communicates with us through this structure (yet we so often misinterpret the signals because we aren't educated about it).

Early on in my journey, the ego decided that it wanted to be in control and would push my body past where it should because it wanted to fit it. I was conditioned to do this, shut up, put a smile on and just keep going. The direction and intentions subconsciously chosen wasn't healthy so this turned out to be futile as the Universe kept trying to knock me back on course. Then with a literal hit to the head in February of 2016, in the form of a concussion and whiplash it put me on the most humbling of paths.

What I realize now, is that the longer we try to avoid certain life lessons, the bigger the wake up call we are given. The Universe needed to get my attention, trying to get me to listen to my body and to be gentle with the nuances of life. This healing journey has been a fast track to awareness. As the inner reflection and connection to my breath and body that came from the brain being one and the same injured parties, was the most humbling and illuminating experiences. An invisible and life altering injury which is only just beginning to be understood. I hope to shine some light on this and my discoveries along the way.

It's taken a long time to learn the lesson to listen, have patience for where I am at, and honour my body and its messages. You know when you know something versus actually think you KNOW something. Now I really know how important it is to listen to my body. I still struggle with acting in alignment with this consistently, but it's a work in process. Thats part of the practice, the catching, acknowledging, and coming back to it. Baby steps. We never stop learning and should forever endeavour to grow into a better version of ourselves. As the external environment continues to change, so shall we work to evolve and improve our internal world.


“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”

~ Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist





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