Trust in 2018

January 1, 2018

New Year. New Intentions.


I'm being called to create and express more. It's going to take some breaking chains, and busting down walls to get rid of the old ways that keep me from doing what I know I need/want to do. To clear out what no longer serves me. But I need to have patience and be gentle with myself as learn to do more of what I feel called to do. Holding faith it will all work out in the end. Even if I have no idea how, I know it's the mind that desires concrete, logical things to evaluate and control. The Universe doesn't work in this way. So when I notice this thought pattern, I remind myself to breathe. I'll continue practicing the art of surrender and flow. Trusting in this wild healing journey of mind, body and soul... Let's go. 


Here's to listening and acting from the heart. Knowing, every moment, a new moment to start.

Follow along.  



In for ... 1     2    3    4  ...


Out... 1     2    3    4  ...


In... 1     2    3    4  ...


Out... 1     2    3    4  ...


With each breath you become more connected, present and aware.








Intention energizes.

Energy flows,

Intuition knows.





I'm going to get to work and let the Universe do what it does best, taking care of how everything plays out. I'm going to relax my need to know and open up the door to Trust.


Unfurling wings. I will learn to fly. I can fly. I just don't know it yet. 


Do the work. Participate. Drop expectation. I am a vessel for creation. Elevate perspective. Detach from the observation. Watch as waves of knowing come rolling in.


Sit with it.


Feel it all.


Get to know it intimately, with compassion. 


Be vulnerable and authentic. 


Remember to shine light within. Into all the spaces and in all directions in search of your deepest Truth. 


For it's when we learn to be with our True Nature that it sets us free.


Send & receive. 

Connect & create.

Push beyond old limits, beliefs, patterns, and get out of your own way.

Grow Sunshine. 
Beyond your wildest dreams.


Why not?

Today is a new day.  



(((Are you with me?)))






"Be realistic, plan for a miracle"

~ Osho 

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