Lindsay Donovan was born in Calgary, AB. Yet resonates as a BC girl due to spending ample time growing up in Invermere, BC. She spent 4 years there until moving to Revelstoke in October of 2019. She loves connecting with people that share a passion for pushing beyond comfort zones and enjoy outdoor and athletic pursuits. Injury is a natural aspect of activity, and she has been on a life altering journey from a concussion/whiplash sustained at work on her snowboard in 2016. While life moves on, she has developed ways to adapt, while still pursuing the activities she loves, and learning to honour the body. In fact, it’s her experiences from various injuries that fuels her fascination with the intricate connection between mind, body and spirit. Which has lead to developing a mindfulness, yoga and breathing practice that is now a core aspect of her day to day. 

    Her passion for art and photography began when she was a child and teenager, and it was the class in traditional black and white film processing throughout high school that got her hooked. Her main medium is digital but finds film plays an influential role in her vision. Lindsay holds a diploma in Photography obtained in Vancouver, and pursues learning and skill development through workshops, extended studies, conferences. She also spent a couple years working at a large format, fine art printing studio, and continues to assist other professional photographers.

     She has a diverse background in photography, from shooting concerts, band and DJ promo, documenting events and conferences, to weddings, portraits and content for small business marketing. She spent 5 seasons working as a staff photographer and videographer at Chatter Creek Mountain Lodges and then switched modes of transportation for a helicopter working for Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing. This past winter she embraced change and has been pursuing more commercial, editorial work, and other avenues in art and business.

She is grateful to call Revelstoke home and looks forward to offering new products and collaborations. Thanks for allowing me the space to share with you and I look forward to connecting!